Did you know as a member of LinkedIn, you are automatically set up with a SlideShare account?

One of my goals as a business owner and writer of this blog, is to provide you with useful tools and resources. SlideShare has a wealth of information for the taking full of topics a person can easily get lost in.

So….What is SlideShare?

It’s an awesome platform on which to share professional content. In truth, it’s not just for professional content, but as it became part of the LinkedIn family in 2012, you’ll find much of its content is of a more educational and professional nature.

This may be a bad analogy, but what first came to mind as I was browsing through the massive amounts of content, was ‘Wow, this is sort of like the TED of slides!’ You may or may not agree, but you’ll have to check it out to decide.

Having recently discovered it myself, I can attest to its usefulness. I hunted for hours (over a period of days. Honestly – I didn’t sit searching for one thing for hours…really….) looking for the nitty gritty on the ’21 Day Fix’ my friends have been all jazzed about. What was the hype? All I could find online were bits and pieces. Someone on SlideShare contributed the entire first part of the manual that comes with the kit. Thank you mystery person! It made it clear that it was simply another fad that just said ‘eat healthy.’ After all, 21 day’s makes a habit so…21 days + eating well + portion control = lifestyle change. Common sense really, some just need someone else to tell them to do it. That’s what the program is, I just wanted to find out what it was all about. SlideShare satisfied my curiosity and edified my common sense.

There are a number of places we can go to learn, YouTube being the primary interactive site. However, if you are looking for how-to’s be sure to add SlideShare to your list of searches. You may just be surprised on what you’ll find. And what you can contribute.

I’m working on updating my LinkedIn profile over these next weeks. Most recently, one of the ways I did this was including a slideshow presentation I created in PowerPoint. Right after I clicked ‘upload presentation’ I happy little bubble notified me that it was uploaded and that I could add it to SlideShare and would I like to. Well, sure! That’s when I was notified as a LinkedIn member, I automatically had a SlideShare account. I already had one, but I thought it was pretty fantastic and an excellent feature to have on included with even a free membership with LinkedIn.

Yet another reason LinkedIn is so awesome.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, I encourage you to do so. I have barely tapped its potential but had a great time learning and utilizing – and I have no doubt I’ll be using it more frequently.

Let me know what you think about SlideShare or post links to your shares in the comments below.